POSITION: Reserve Coach
HOURS: Based on availability (Possibility for Part-Time)

Do you already have a 9-5, but still really love coaching and helping others? We are always looking for positive and encouraging reserve coaches.

Job Requirements

  • Lead and coach group classes. Manage flow, provide instruction, and maintain safety.

  • Office hours to assist with facility improvements, attend team meetings, work on individual projects, and implement other initiatives under direction of Operations Manager.

  • Handle member inquiries, provide information about our program, and track attendance

  • Plan and facilitate community events that take place throughout the year

  • Implement programs under direction of Operations Manager

Education and Experience

2+ years of fitness experience
1+ years of full-time coaching experience
CrossFit L1 Certification


DOXSA provides excellent compensation packages for its employees. The compensation offered is based on several factors including years of experience, leadership/management abilities, positive performance evaluation and overall expertise. Compensation includes competitive wages, perks & benefits, as well as a clear compensation & training trajectory. In addition, success in this position includes but is not limited to hiring, coaching, training and developing team members to achieve high performance objectives.


How to apply

To apply, download and print the application HERE or the button below. Please fill out, scan, and email completed forms to our Director of Fitness, Kevin Schneider at kevin@doxsa.fit.

Want to enjoy a workplace where you can be yourself, be heard and be respected while having a job that challenges you? This is the place. DOXSA. offers unique competitive benefits to its team members while focusing on their career development and growth.

DOXSA is an Equal Opportunity Employer